11828604_10206755887151181_3015642886438260208_n (1)Welcome to ERAU from CTLE 

If you’re new to teaching at ERAU, we’re especially interested in supporting you.

Beginning a teaching career or transitioning your career to ERAU can be a daunting challenge. CTLE welcomes an opportunity to help you and offers several services that maybe useful. We send a monthly newsletter highlighting events for the month, and there are weekly email reminders of activities for the week, so watch your email for events of interest to you.

We also encourage you to participate in as many other CTLE activities as you can and to take advantage of the resources on this website. Of course, we’re always available for consultation about your specific questions about teaching as well.

CTLE contacts all new faculty for an initial lunch and discussion.

Please contact CTLE if you have any questions.

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