imagesAs with other activities, teaching benefits from feedback on how things are going. Ongoing feedback about how a course is going can be a useful means of making mid-course corrections that improve course effectiveness and learner achievement and satisfaction.

Contact your CTLE Associate Director to request a Midterm Student Feedback survey. This involves quickly surveying your students for feedback on your course in the middle of the semester, giving you time to make any adjustments you might want to make before the end of the semester.

The way some associate directors do it, this just takes about 5-10 minutes at the end or beginning of your class. The CTLE associate director introduces him or herself by telling your students that they are there at your request to get feedback for improving the course.

The associate director asks 3 questions in an online survey, which your students answer anonymously:

  1. What do you like most about this course and/or the instructor’s teaching of it?
  2. What about this course and/or the instructor’s teaching of it needs change or improvement?
  3. What suggestions can you offer that would help make this course a better learning experience for you?

And then the associate director writes up a summary of their responses for you, along with recommendations for addressing any issues that are raised. Afterwards, it is recommended that you acknowledge to your students that you received their feedback, thank them for it, and possibly discuss any changes.

If you are interested in doing this, please contact an associate director to schedule it, and please ask your students to bring their phone or laptop with them to class that day so that they can complete the survey online, which makes it much quicker and easier for the summary to be written.

Here’s an article describing the benefits of conducting a Midterm Student Feedback survey, which include potential improvements in your end of course evaluations.
See also the knowledgebase article on Student Evaluations of Teaching for tips on improving the response rates for your end of course evaluations.

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