CTLE offers a variety of services for ERAU faculty.  Please contact us if there is anything we can help you with.

Book Discussions

Reading and discussing a book with colleagues provides a profitable opportunity for sharing and expanding teaching practices.

Class Observations

CTLE offers class observations with confidential follow-up consultations about your teaching.


CTLE offers confidential consulting to faculty to provide information about teaching practice advancements and to address teaching and learning concerns.

Faculty Teaching Grants

CTLE encourages enhancement of teaching and learning by soliciting proposals and awarding grants to faculty.

Midterm Student Feedback

MSF involves quickly surveying your students for feedback on your course in the middle of the semester.

New Faculty Assistance

If you’re new to teaching at ERAU, we’re especially interested in supporting you.

Promotion and Tenure

CTLE staff can assist faculty with the tenure and promotion process, including observations, letters, and the electronic portfolio.

Research & Grant Writing

CTLE can assist you with finding external grant solicitations, planning grant proposals, writing grant proposals, and conducting and evaluating educational research and development projects.

Scholarly Learning Communities

CTLE offers scholarly learning communities in which groups of faculty and staff collaboratively explore a topic of interest to the university.

SoTL – Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

SoTL involves faculty researching the effectiveness of a particular teaching practice.


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