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How do I access Canvas?

At Embry-Riddle, you can access Canvas directly with this link, or else using the ERNIE portal:

How do I get help with Canvas?

You can live chat with Canvas support or contact Canvas directly by clicking on the “Help” link on the bottom left of any Canvas page. The Canvas support phone number is 844-334-7579. You can find more information at:

Canvas Tutorials

Should you prefer to learn Canvas on your own, see these Canvas instructor guides or these video tours.

Where is the Student View?

Go to your course, then Settings (on the bottom left), and you’ll see the Student View button on the top right.

How do I create a sandbox course space?

Contact Canvas support (see above) to request a sandbox.  Specify the course ID and your name, such as: ‘ERAU 100 First Last Sandbox’.

What are the differences between Canvas & Blackboard?

This  resource from the University of Texas highlights the differences between Canvas & Blackboard. Here’s another from Murray State.

How do I get my courses to show up on the short list in the Courses menu?

Click “View All or Customize” under Courses, to go here: And then “star” the courses you want to show on the short list.

Will Canvas work with my browser?

Canvas is compatible with pretty much all browsers and devices, provided you have updated them. Some functionality like screen sharing requires the java plugin, and screencast recording requires the flash plugin.

Does Canvas work on my phone?

There are also Canvas apps for Android and iPad/iPhone, but they do not provide all instructor functionality. See also the SpeedGrader app for Android and ipad/iPhone for quickly grading assignments from a tablet.

Can students see my course before the start date?

Only if the course is Published (button on top right of course) AND you have unchecked the course setting: “Restrict students from viewing course before start date.”

How do I email my students?

You can post an announcement in your course that will go out to your students just like in Blackboard, or click on the “People” link to contact a student individually.  Otherwise, click on the “Inbox” link on the top right and you can compose an email to a class.

Where are my different sections?

Different sections by default are NOT combined into one Canvas course. Here is some more info on sections in Canvas. If you instead prefer your different sections be put into one course space, contact IT support.

How do I add or change a link in the left-hand navigation menu?

In Canvas, you cannot add links to the navigation menu, only remove, hide, or change the order of links.  If an item is grayed out, it means you can see it, but students can’t. See more on navigation here.

What is the difference between Pages and Modules?

Pages are static web pages.  They are meant to hold content, like text, embedded videos, links to outside resources, etc.  Modules let you sequence and organize your content and activities.  A module might contain one or more pages, plus an assignment, a pdf file, a quiz, and so forth.  With a module, you can set the sequence and whether or not students are required to view or complete an item in a module.  Modules help students understand what they need to do in your course.  Here are different examples of ways to organize a module.

How do I check for plagiarism?

You can now use TurnItIn, which is integrated into Canvas:

What third party apps work with Canvas?

There are hundreds of them.  You can add them by going to your course -> Settings -> Apps. We also purchased a license for Campus Pack, which provides blogs & journals. If you have a WordPress or other blog website, you can display blog posts as course announcements in Canvas.

What new features are in Canvas? How can I stay up to date?

Canvas updates their production version every 3 weeks.  Here are the notes for each release. Click the Follow button on the top right to subscribe to release notes.

Where is CTLE on Canvas?

You can find the Daytona Beach CTLE on Canvas at

Go to and click on the star next to “Daytona Beach CTLE” in order for it to show up on your short list of courses.


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