Shirley Waterhouse, PhD

Shirley Waterhouse, Ed.D,  Executive Director, CTLE

I’m Shirley Waterhouse, Executive Director, Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence, ERAU Daytona Beach campus. Before joining Riddle, I worked for ten years as an industry consultant for Naclerio and Associates, a Washington D.C. based organization. My career at Riddle began as a faculty member in the Computer Science Department in 1989. My most valued professional accomplishment is being designated as the outstanding faculty member in the Computer Science Department, an award voted on by graduating seniors, eleven out of fourteen semesters. Upon the completion of my doctoral degree in the late 90’s, I was asked by the President of ERAU to implement the Educational Technology Department which I directed until 2008. In 2008, we made a decision to switch from an emphasis on technology to one of pedagogy. This decision prompted the dissolution of the Ed Tech Department and the establishment of the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence. Our CTLE mission is to help faculty become more effective. In particular, our strategic focus for the next five years is to help faculty transform their instructional practices to a focus on learning.

I have written six books, and the most recent is The Power of eLearning.  I also have a small consulting practice, eLearnGlobal, and my consulting endeavors are focused on faculty development and elearning strategic planning for higher ed institutions.  My most interesting consulting projects have been in the Middle East, and Saudi Arabia in particular, where I have facilitated initiatives that utilize elearning to promote education for women in regions where it is difficult for them to attend face-to-face classes.

My passions outside of my profession are travel adventures with my husband and horses!

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