Dave Pedersen

Dave Pedersen, Ph.D., Senior Director, CTLE

I’ve been in school since before I was born.  My mother was a teacher, and I love to learn.  I also love to teach others, especially those who teach others.

I began my career teaching high school economics and political science.  I began helping others teach when I was a principal and spent a few years helping teachers use technology to teach when I worked with IBM.  Now I have the pleasure of helping university faculty help their students learn.

Learning is a wonderful pursuit.  Helping others help their students learn is a great privilege, and I do love it so.

My Projects

  • Serving the CTLE Team
  • Focusing on Learning
  • GTA Teaching Certificate Pilot Program

Contact Dave Pedersen

Phone: 226-6413

Office: Mod 21, Suite 108, Room 121

Email Form:

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