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CTLE Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Academy Grant Opportunity:


This grant provides an opportunity for you to join a cohort of faculty who are focused on conducting a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning research study.  Watch your email the week of August 24 for the call for proposals.  If you’re considering doing a SoTL study, interest meetings are being offered: 3:45-4:15 on Thursday, September 3, and 9:00-9:50 on Friday, September 4.

CTLE Open HouseOpenHouse

The CTLE Open House will be 3:30-5:00, Wednesday, September 2. We’ll be having an ice cream social with gifts and door prizes.

Gettin’ Your 10 Minutes Back

If you’re teaching a MWF class this fall, you may be wondering how you’re going SlippingTimeto deal with the loss of 10 minutes per class session.  CTLE will be conducting a series of three workshops to suggest some ideas that may help.

Each workshop will be offered twice at the following times:

Getting Students to Prepare Wed., Sep. 9, 3:30-4:30 or    Thurs., Sep. 10, 9:45-11:00
Optimizing Class Time Wed., Sep. 16, 3:30-4:30   or    Thurs., Sep. 17, 9:45-11:00
Prioritizing Course Content Wed., Sep. 23, 3:30-4:30   or    Thurs., Sep. 24, 9:45-11:00

Teaching Partners


Interestingly, while higher education is a collegial environment, much of our teaching is done in isolation.  The CTLE Teaching Partners Program offers an opportunity for you to partner with a colleague to observe and record each other’s classes and receive constructive feedback.  Watch your email for more details.


Teaching Practices Portraitportrait

ERAU is a unique institution, and we have some unique teaching challenges and opportunities.  We think sharing together how we meet those challenges and capitalize on those opportunities as individual faculty and using that information to create a teaching portrait for this campus will help us enhance teaching and learning.  Watch your email for further details.

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