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partnersInterestingly, while higher education is a collegial environment, much of our teaching is done in isolation.  The CTLE Teaching Partners Program offers an opportunity for you to partner with a colleague to observe and record each other’s classes and receive constructive feedback.  It also, provides for consultation with your CTLE Associate Director. Additionally, it encourages you to reflect on your teaching practice and what you might do to enhance it.

To take part in the Teaching Partners Program you will need to find a colleague who is interested in partnering with you to observe and constructively critique each other’s classes.  Partners do not necessarily need to teach the same disciplines, but it may make it easier to coordinate observations and be more knowledgeable of content if you work with someone within your department or college.  Once you have created your partnership, you will need to submit this Teaching Partners Application no later than midnight September 28 to the CTLE Associate Director in your college.

Program Timeline

  • Form a partnership with a colleague and submit a program application by September 28.
  • Complete a pre-observation conference by October 9.
  • Complete class observation by October 23.
  • Complete post-observation constructive critique conference by October 30.
  • Put into practice and assess potential enhancements to the course by November 20.
  • Provide feedback about the process to your college CTLE Associate Director by December 11. Associate Directors will also be available for consultation throughout the process.
  • Submit a reflection report by December 21.
  • Receive a $250.00 stipend upon submission of the reflection report.

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