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Several CTLE hosted sessions in October are related to STEM (science, technology, engineering, & math) education: getting STEM education grants, STEM teaching basics, entrepreneurship, adaptive learning, problem-based learning, and peer instruction.  Many of the topics apply to courses outside STEM, as well. More information is below.  You can sign up for any of these sessions on the CTLE events calendar.


NSF Interactive Web-based Workshops on STEM Education Grants

September 23rd – September 30th – meets in Lehman 134

CTLE has registered to facilitate 5 interactive NSF workshops on preparing proposals for STEM education grants.  Topics include Proposal Strategies, Goals and Objectives, Project Evaluation, Dissemination, and Broader Impacts, which are all key sections of an effective NSF proposal.  The first meeting is next Wednesday, Sept. 23rd, 2-4 in Lehman 134. Please register if you plan to attend at: https://dbctle.erau.edu/events/

Evidence-Based Undergraduate STEM Teaching MOOC

Mondays, 12-1pm, October 5th – November 10th – meets at CTLE

CTLE will also be facilitating an online MOOC course on STEM teaching basics starting in October.  You sign up for the online course at http://stemteachingcourse.org/ and we’ll meet once a week on Mondays at 12 to informally discuss each week’s topic.  Topics include Principles of Learning, Learning Objectives, Assessment, Active Learning, and Inclusive Teaching.  We especially recommend new faculty and graduate TAs to participate.  Over 40 other universities will also be participating with their own local groups. Please register to attend at: https://dbctle.erau.edu/events/ and bring your lunch!  CTLE will have some snacks and drinks available.


Intro to Peer Instruction

Wednesday, September 30th, 1pm-2pm at CTLE

Digital humanities professor Cathy Davidson calls it the Single Best Way to Transform Classrooms of Any Size.  Nobel Prize winning physicist Carl Wieman launched initiatives at two universities to transform science teaching with this technique.  A computer science department and a biology department cut failure rates by more than half using this technique.

Drop by CTLE to learn the basics of the Peer Instruction technique.  Watch this video by physicist Eric Mazur in advance for an explanation of how and why Peer Instruction was developed.  More resources for implementing Peer Instruction are also on the CTLE website.

Register at https://dbctle.erau.edu/events/82/peer-instruction/

Real World Problem-based Learning (PBL)

Wednesday, October 7th, 1pm-2pm at CTLE

In Problem-based Learning (PBL), students work collaboratively in self-directed teams to solve complex, real-world problems similar to ones they might encounter when they become a practitioner of the discipline.  Drop by CTLE to learn how to turn any topic from your course into a real-world problem for your students to work on.  See this site for more resources on problem-based learning.

Register at https://dbctle.erau.edu/events/83/problem-based-learning/

Entrepreneurial Minded Learning in the Classroom

Wednesday, October 14th, 1pm-2pm at CTLE

National surveys of employers and alumni reveal the need to graduate more students with not just technical skills but with the creativity and curiosity to create personal, economic, and societal value.  The KEEN network of engineering schools has created a framework for designing entrepreneurial minded learning (EML) activities in the classroom to help students develop an entrepreneurial mindset.  Drop by CTLE to learn more from Jeff Brown, Dave Spitzer, and Doug Holton about the KEEN framework and how to implement EML activities in your course.

Register at https://dbctle.erau.edu/events/84/eml/

Pros and Cons of Adaptive Learning and Online Homework Systems

Wednesday, October 21st, 1pm-2pm at CTLE

The use of online homework and adaptive learning systems is spreading on campus.  These tools let students submit homework online and get instant feedback, saving grading time and providing personalized supplemental instruction.  Examples include MyMathLab, MasteringPhysics, DuoLingo, Grammarly, and newer authoring tools like SmartSparrow and Acrobatiq.  See this whitepaper (pdf) which overviews adaptive learning solutions for higher education.

Drop by CTLE to learn more about these kinds of tools and discuss their pros and cons. Register at https://dbctle.erau.edu/events/85/adaptive-learning-systems/

Team-based Learning (TBL)

Wednesday, October 28th, 1pm-2pm at CTLE

In Team-based Learning (TBL), students work on projects and problems in permanent teams throughout the semester.  Students are held accountable both individually and as a team through readiness assurance tests (RATs).  See the Team-based Learning Collaborative site and this video introduction for more information and resources.

Register at https://dbctle.erau.edu/events/86/team-based-learning/

Please contact CTLE Associate Directors Doug Holton or Hajara Mahmood if you have any questions.

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