L2L: Helping Our Students Learn 2 Learn

3headsHelping students learn can be frustrating.  They sometimes seem to lack direction and fail to take ownership for their own learning.

There is good news though.  There is a wealth of research on self-directed processes students can use to facilitate their learning.  The research includes studies of self-regulated learning, metacognition, reflective practice, self-efficacy, and more.

L2L: Helping Our Students Learn 2 Learn is a CTLE-sponsored project aimed at implementing proven teaching practices that promote self-directed learning processes by our students.

We’ll be using Creating Self-Regulated Learners: Strategies to Strengthen Students’ Self-Awareness and Learning Skills by Linda B. Nilson as a primary source book.  It is a catalog of instructional strategies to not only teach disciplinary knowledge and skills, but also proven strategies to learn and retain them.

The L2L work group will meet together a couple of times this fall to talk about ways to help our students learn to learn our course content and to employ those skills beyond our courses.  We’ll share our ideas and plans for incorporating self-regulated learning in our spring courses, and we’ll talk about how to assess the effectiveness of those efforts.  We’ll also meet a couple of times in the spring to discuss our progress.

If you’d like to learn more about how to help your students learn 2 learn, please join us at one of the following interest meetings.  NOTE:  You can actually venture to one of the other colleges if the meeting time in your college doesn’t fit your schedule.

L2L Interest Meetings Schedule:

Monday, 11-2, 10:00-10:50, Dean’s Conference Room 421.11, COAS

Monday, 11-2, 2:00-2:50, Conference Room 134, COE

Tuesday, 11-3, 11:15-12:00, Class Room 216, COB

Wednesday, 11-4, 1:00-1:50, Conference Room 105, COA

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