Community Engagement Grant

Community Engagement is a rich and gCommunityEngagementrowing field in academe for scholarship, student learning and institutional development. Community Engagement assignments provide  students with an opportunity to:  develop critical thinking skills, gain contextual understanding of complex issues, engage in thoughtful decision making and manage the ambiguity and volatility inherent in real-world scenarios. Community Engagement is also well suited for Net-Generation students because this population tends to prefer group activities focused on real-world issues as they look for meaning in course content. Additionally, Community Engagement aids in retention, particularly for women, students of color, and non-traditional students.

To take part in the Community Engagement Assignment Redesign Grant you will need to submit an application including a course/assignment you plan to include/change to Community Engagement. Once the application is submitted, you will be assigned a mentor to work with throughout the process.
Program Timeline

  • Submit an application by November 13 (Mentee).
  • Attend Community Engagement workshop during the week of Dec. 7-11 (both).
  • Complete assignment redesign for Spring 2016 (Mentee).
  • Complete mentor/mentee constructive critique conference by January 29 (both).
  • Complete new assignment during Spring Semester.
  • Submit a reflection report by May 6 (both).
  • Receive a $250.00 stipend upon submission of the reflection report.

To participate in the grant, please submit a Community Engagement Assignment Redesign Application to Dave Pedersen, by November 13.

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