New CTLE Faculty Space on Canvas

CTLE now has a faculty Canvas space to provide you with CTLE communication, collaboration with colleagues, teaching and learning resources, and information about CTLE programs and activities. You can access it at  Go to and click on the star next to “Daytona Beach CTLE” in order for it to show up on your […]

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Creating a CTLE Knowledgebase

CTLE is working on creating a knowledgebase of useful teaching resources for faculty and instructors at Embry-Riddle.  This knowledgebase has pages on teaching practices, technologies, active learning, tips for new faculty, and dozens of topics so far, with more in development.

We would love to hear your ideas or suggestions for improving the site.  Is there a topic […]

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Community Engagement Grant

Community Engagement is a rich and growing field in academe for scholarship, student learning and institutional development. Community Engagement assignments provide  students with an opportunity to:  develop critical thinking skills, gain contextual understanding of complex issues, engage in thoughtful decision making and manage the ambiguity and volatility inherent in real-world scenarios. Community Engagement is also […]

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L2L: Helping Our Students Learn 2 Learn

Helping students learn can be frustrating.  They sometimes seem to lack direction and fail to take ownership for their own learning.

There is good news though.  There is a wealth of research on self-directed processes students can use to facilitate their learning.  The research includes studies of self-regulated learning, metacognition, reflective practice, self-efficacy, and more.

L2L: […]

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Upcoming STEM Education Sessions

Several CTLE hosted sessions in October are related to STEM (science, technology, engineering, & math) education: getting STEM education grants, STEM teaching basics, entrepreneurship, adaptive learning, problem-based learning, and peer instruction.  Many of the topics apply to courses outside STEM, as well. More information is below.  You can sign up for any of these sessions on the CTLE events calendar.


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Teaching Partners

Interestingly, while higher education is a collegial environment, much of our teaching is done in isolation.  The CTLE Teaching Partners Program offers an opportunity for you to partner with a colleague to observe and record each other’s classes and receive constructive feedback.  It also, provides for consultation with your CTLE Associate Director. Additionally, it […]

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Upcoming CTLE Events……..

CTLE Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Academy Grant Opportunity:

This grant provides an opportunity for you to join a cohort of faculty who are focused on conducting a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning research study.  Watch your email the week of August 24 for the call for proposals.  If you’re considering doing a SoTL study, […]

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