Students using Mobile DevicesThe Task Force on Innovation (TFI), chaired by Dr. Shirley Waterhouse, Executive Director of CTLE, is a group of 20 Daytona Beach campus leaders organized in May 2009 by Dr. Heist with a charter of exploring innovative instructional practices and technologies that have the potential to enhance teaching and learning.

The TFI works closely with CTLE on a number of instructional innovation initiatives. One of the most extensive TFI/CTLE initiatives is the hybrid course program. The TFI initiated the hybrid course program in 2010 and provided guidance on the CTLE hybrid faculty certification process. In addition, TFI facilitates a rigorous hybrid course assessment process to insure that our students have good experiences in hybrid courses.

The “classroom response system” pilot is another TFI initiative sponsored last year. Classroom response systems (CRS) allow students to utilize a handheld device such as a smartphone, an iPad, or computer to respond to a question asked by a professor. The CRS provides immediate feedback to students and faculty so that appropriate adjustments could be made during class if needed. For example, if the CRS reveals that students don’t understand a concept, a professor could choose to immediately go back over a topic. Research indicates that CRSs have great potential to improve engagement in classes.

Please contact Shirley Waterhouse for more information.

2015-2016 Task Force on Innovation members:

  • Ahmed Abdelghany (for Li Zou, on sabbatical)
  • Donna Barbie
  • Anne Marie Casey
  • Kim Chambers
  • Aaron Clevenger
  • Jan Collins
  • Terry Dallas
  • Daniel Friedenzohn
  • Ashley Lear
  • Tasos Lyrintzis
  • Lori Mumpower
  • Suzanne Sprague
  • Heidi Steinhauer
  • Becky Vasquez
  • Mike Williams
  • Shirley Waterhouse (chair)

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